About Us

We are UCMS (Universal Care & Medical Services), an authorised agency to Parsmedix Ltd. registered in England and Wales with No. 08105371,VAT Reg. No. 143082733.

UCMS organises and runs training programs endorsed by Parsmedix Ltd.

Our Vision is to pass our work experience and trade techniques to our applicants in order to raise the standards of the profession of Phlebotomy and minimise errors and mistakes in procuring high quality samples.

Similarly, apart from mastering phlebotomy techniques you will be taught certain trade secrets by which you become an effective and competent phlebotomist.

Bedside manner and customer relations etiquette is also another core component of our training modules. without this component any such training would be incomplete from our view point.

Anyone with or without medical background can join our courses and enjoy our training.

We are not perfect and learn through trial and error but whatever we have learnt through years of experience in the field we shall pass to our trainees with utmost pleasure hoping that they would put thier abilities into good practice and serve the public more efficiently.