Collecting Stem Cells from Adults

We have exciting News!

In the past, adults would have to undergo painful and difficult procedures for their stem cells to be collected. They had to be injected and pre-treated with a drug known as Granulocytes Colony Stimulating factor (GCSF) in order to mobilise the stem cells from their bone marrow. After bone marrow released these cells into the circulation, they had to be connected into a machine for hours like a dialysis machine to extract these cells from their blood stream.

These days, however, thanks to the new state of the art technologies, you will not need any pre-treatment or injections before and neither will you need to be connected to a filtering machine for long hours. 


It is now a simple blood draw from your arm. that's it! This is all possible because new techniques have allowed us to extract these cells much more efficiently than before and now everyone above the age of 12 can have their stem cells collected.


Call now to arrange your stem cells collected today. or if you know anyone in the family who might be benefiting from this service just pass our details to them.

Cost of this service is £3000 and there is a £100 referral fee for introducing clients to us.

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